If you are thinking of adopting a retired Thoroughbred (OTTB), please consider a War Horse. The racing industry describes older horses, usually geldings, that have raced for 6 years or longer and/or have accrued over 60 starts, as "war horses" due to their love for the game, tremendous athleticism, and big hearts. 

Our War Horses at Rose Bower cares for and finds homes for older geldings: some have retired with over $750,000 in earnings or have raced until they were 13, or won over 20 races. All share wonderful personalities, a "been there, done that" attitude, and a desire to have a new job. Lingering in a field is not what they had in mind for their retirements as they are sound, sane and happy for a routine.

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Our Mission

A 501 c 3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing veteran Thoroughbred racehorses with new careers and safe retirement



War Horses, a 501 c 3 non-profit organization, was founded in 2013 to provide rehabilitation, and new homes or careers for racehorses ages 7-years-old or older, or those that have had over 70 starts.

Hermosillo (l) and System Restore compete for their share of peppermints, send to us by Jennifer Wirth and One Last Race.

Feel free to email us at warhorsesottbs@gmail or
call 434-352-5058. 

We LOVE talking about our war horses!

ONE LAST RACE​ surprised us at the farm last month when a big bag of peppermints arrived here in Appomattox for our guys. What a wonderful way to introduce themselves! In case you didn't know, racehorses love peppermints. The sound of cellophane is enough to get them bright-eyed and drooling.

Shortly after, they kindly sent us a check for a full week's worth of Legends Senior feed. We are very appreciative and thankful for both of their donations! Thanks to Jennifer Wirth for her time and interest.

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His Name Really Is Mr. Appomattox!

Thanks to the generous donations in 2014 of Kenwood Racing, War Horses was able to set up a fund for auction horses enroute to the killers. Through the rescue pipeline, we very quickly found Mr. Appomattox at a kill buyer's farm. Read more...

War Horses Update!

  • ​GIMME CREDIT finds the perfect adopter!

  • CENTRIPITAL settles in from TAKE THE LEAD

  • Welcome to McBOOGIE, our only Standardbred

  • BERNIE THE MAESTRO finds sanctuary at War Horses at Rose Bower